Becoming Twitch Affiliate

So today is the day I finally became Twitch Affiliate after throwing out streams every day for the last week or so. Not something I thought I’d get any time soon as a casual streamer but I’ve made it. I decided to stream some Words on Stream tonight as it’s popular at the moment. Games… Continue reading Becoming Twitch Affiliate

The days down south

Tuesday morning. Time to leave Kvorning and head down to Kruså to spend the next few days with Rooster Streaming. Of course I am sad to be leaving Viking Streaming and nervous about meeting new people. On the way down, a Burger King was a must. Didn’t want to arrive on an empty stomach. I… Continue reading The days down south

The adventures begin!

After a short flight from Oslo to Billund I was met with some glorious rain! After walking through the rain I was met by Viking Streaming (Thomas). We then started our journey to Thomas’ home. We did a stop on the way where I finally got to meet the man himself Rooster Streaming (Frank). The… Continue reading The adventures begin!

Journey to Europe!

So after a day and a half of travelling (with breaks of course) I have arrived in Denmark. The first leg of my trip was to get to the capital, Cardiff. I was lucky to have my mother drop me off there in time for my coach to Heathrow in London. After a quick McDonald’s… Continue reading Journey to Europe!

The Night Before!

Tonight is the night before. I am doing it. Taking a trip in to the unknown, alone. I feel both anxious and excited. I have never travelled alone before. The experience is going to be great right? It all started with a boozy night on Discord. Chatting away with fellow streamers. I have been following… Continue reading The Night Before!