The adventures begin!

After a short flight from Oslo to Billund I was met with some glorious rain! After walking through the rain I was met by Viking Streaming (Thomas). We then started our journey to Thomas’ home.

We did a stop on the way where I finally got to meet the man himself Rooster Streaming (Frank).

Myself and The Rooster

The visit to Frank was very brief as he was working. So we headed for a delicious KFC, my treat!

Once back at Thomas’ house I met his family and retired for the night.

Saturday morning. Thomas and I had a discussion on what to do. We were visiting some other Danish streamers, Kenneth and Bytakos. We decided to take the drone with us as I was going to film some footage of one of the largest bridges in Denmark. On the way there I was discussing how flat the land in Denmark is compared to Wales. Thomas was telling me how they do have a high point in Denmark and asked if I wanted to visit. I immediately said yes. We got to Ejer Bavnehøj and the view was amazing and there was a monument there. An opportunity to get out the drone and take some amazing shots and videos.

Well! What a mistake that turned out to be. A massive gust of wind came and blew the drone off course straight into a tree. 10m high, with no low branches to climb up. We spent the majority of the day trying to get it out. After hours of trying, throwing sticks, fishing rods and hoping the wind would blow it down I sadly had to cut my losses and leave it there. We would have to return in the morning with a load of sticks and gaffer tape.

We then headed down to Kenneth’s house as he was hosting dinner. We arrived (2 and a half hours late). It was build your own burger night. It was absolutely delicious and Kenneth was a great host, provided me with beer and Gin so I was a happy Welshman. It was great to put some faces to the people I have been chatting with on Discord for the last few months.

Myself, Kenneth, Viking Steaming and Bytakos

When it was time to leave, Kenneth kindly gave me a bag of beer to take. Thank you Kenneth, I really enjoyed them.

It was then a 2 hour journey back up north to Thomas’ house where I enjoyed the beers and eventually went to sleep.


  1. Absolutely an nice day filled with experience and fun. Alex is the best drone pilot, but the wind is better though. I had a blast of a day, and it was really nice to meet Kenneth and Bytakos irl. Hope for more action in the days to come. //Viking

    1. I have full faith in you Thomas to keep it coming. Loving being here, love the scenery, love the culture. Thanks for having me! It’s been a blast so far.

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