The rise of the DRS (Drone Rescue Squad)

Knock knock, it was early Sunday morning. “Come on Mr” I hear. It was time to get up bright and early and take the trip all the way back down to Ejer Bavnehøj. The mission of the day, to rescue the drone. Armed with gaffer tape, a lot of poles and a blanket we headed off for our 86km journey.

I want to say a special thank you to René who came to help the evening before and for bringing fishing rods and tape. The ultimate DRS starter kit.

The good news was the drone was still there. 10m up on the tip of a tree branch. So after giving Thomas the nod he brought our tools over and we began to start strapping all these poles together. Rigid poles held together with tape become a little heavy and flexible when held in the air. Sort of waving around a giant hot dog sausage with it flapping around 11m in the air. After giving the branch a few slaps with the end, the drone was closer to the edge, but wouldn’t fall. Thomas gave it some encouragement and down it came, still in one piece and still operational. I feel it was a great success.

After almost freezing to death and killing ourselves with our oversized floppy javelin pole we headed off to our next destination.

One of the earlier contraptions we made to try and rescue the drone.

Thomas wanted to show me some of the non motorway areas of Denmark so headed back up north on some back roads. The scenery was beautiful. Firstly we travelled through the Horsens area to Ry where I saw a beautiful lake. The route then took us through the city of Aarhus. I loved seeing a Danish city. Completely different to the cities back home. Everything was so spread out and not all bunched together like I am used to. We drove past Mindeparken where I tried to get a glimpse of the Danish Royal holiday home but was unable to see it through the trees. After driving down past the docks, we decided it was time for food.

I hear that Denmark’s answer to Subway is a place called SunSet Boulevard. Let’s try it I thought. My first observation was that they didn’t just do the sub sandwiches. They did other items such as premium burgers with fries. Kind of like a Burger King but better. I’ll try the burger I said. Well the burger had to be the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was massive! Eating all that was going to be a challenge. It was delicious and I wish we could have them back home. I managed to get through the burger but the fries, I failed. We took a drive and made a stop at Kalø Slotsruin is a ruined castle that is located 20 km from the city of Aarhus within Mols Bjerge National Park. The next stop was a wooden war ship called HDMS Jylland. It was a massive structure and was in a fantastic condition after being restored in 1994.

HDMS Jylland

It was back to Thomas’ house for the evening to get some rest before our adventures the following day!

Time to head north!

Monday morning, who likes those eh? Well… today I didn’t mind. More adventures. The plan was to head up to the north of Denmark. How far north I hear you ask (you probably didn’t). Well to the actual point of Denmark that there is nothing else more north and there’s no other point in the entire country that is as north as this place. A gem called Grenen in Skagen.

We got there and parked up. It was very cold indeed. We had to get on what is called the Sandormen. A carriage attached to a tractor that was going to take us up to the beach. When we got there, there was a visible point on the beach. A point that was the highest north in Denmark. If that wasn’t enough, it was also the point where two oceans meet. The Baltic and North Seas. Quite a unique place to be. After taking in the views we headed back down as it was absolutely Baltic! Pun intended!

The most northen point of Denmark

After blowing some of my hard earned on souvenirs we drove back down south. We didn’t have an option in all fairness. Going north, east or west wouldn’t have worked. Cars don’t tend to like the ocean.

I was taken down to Frederikshavn to see the docks there. There is also a Naval base there. The navy ships were absolutely massive. We took a little walk along the harbour and took in the views.

Time to head back down to Thomas’ house. Tonight is my last night here as tomorrow I take the journey down south (almost to the most southern point of Denmark on the German border to spend the next few days with Rooster Streaming who is hosting me for the second half of my trip.

Tonight I am sharing a few glasses of Jameson with Thomas. I want to thank him so much for his hospitality and for being an amazing tour guide over the weekend. It is very much appreciated!


  1. It is fun to talk to you in discord Alex, but it is even more fun to have
    you here. I’m glad to have spend the last days with you, and with sadness I’m shipping you off, to spend some days at Franks place.

    1. Tonight is a sad night for me, but also a happy one. I will have so many memories of my time here, I look forward to heading down to Frank and seeing what madness unfolds there. I hope he has a lot of broom poles and gaffa tape. He may need it. I can’t thank you enough for making my time here as amazing as it has been. I can’t wait to come back.

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