Journey to Europe!

So after a day and a half of travelling (with breaks of course) I have arrived in Denmark. The first leg of my trip was to get to the capital, Cardiff. I was lucky to have my mother drop me off there in time for my coach to Heathrow in London.

After a quick McDonald’s stop I headed to my coach. The coach journey seemed to take quite some time, I however had a Zoom meeting to keep my occupied for the most part.

Once I arrived I felt like a lost child. Stood amongst massive buildings and amongst a lot of people. I knew I had a 3 mile trip to my hotel. I priced a taxi and that was definately going to be a last resort. After speaking to a member of staff I found out that the local busses are 24 hours. This is something we certainly don’t get in Wales. I jumped on a local bus and got dropped off right outside the Premier Inn.

My previous experience with budget hotels is a tiny bar and a bedroom, but this place was massive. Had bars and restauraunts. I obviously couldn’t help myself but to get a pint (or 3) in.

Then came bed time. I had an early start the following day.

Day 2 I woke up and it was still dark, but my excitement kept me awake and I got ready and head on down to Heathrow Terminal 2. I was met by a massive queue. I had no choice but to enter it. Every now and again the check in staff would shout “Copenhagen”, calling all passengers who were going to Copenhagen to the front of the queue. These people were clearly late checking in. So after about 40 minutes of the queue being standstill, it was finally my turn. I walk over to the check-in desk and the lady said to me “Sorry I’ve closed”. Oh great. I could hear everyone muttering under their breath. She walked off with another check-in lady and left just one. The one who was left then shouts “Copenhagen” and more passengers come to the front. What a nightmare.

I eventually check in, then head to departures where I buy the smallest coldest cooked breakfast known to man for a measly £8.

I then head off to board my first flight of the day. London Heathrow to Oslo.

I arrive in Oslo. What to do? Head to the bar of course. I ask for a Heineken and I am asked what size, large of course. When I say it was large, I mean it was LARGE. But the price, I won’t even go there.


  1. Well mister drone pilot. I’m glad to have you here… what an experience. It’s nice and funny to get to know you more, and it was nice to take you to Fyn to meet up with Kenneth and Bytakos. Looking forward to more fun and more stuff to laugh of in the future.// Viking

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