The Night Before!

Tonight is the night before. I am doing it. Taking a trip in to the unknown, alone. I feel both anxious and excited. I have never travelled alone before. The experience is going to be great right?

It all started with a boozy night on Discord. Chatting away with fellow streamers. I have been following Rooster Streaming for quite some time now and have got to know Frank through watching streams and regular chats on Discord. Along the way I have been introduced to many of his friends and followers. One I have spoken to alot is Viking Streaming who I know as Thomas.

Thomas has come and watched some of my singing streams (Alex John). It was one night on Discord I was telling Thomas that I would like to visit Frank some day.

Eventually that night the flight was booked. I was going to Denmark. Worried about COVID-19 restrictions changing for the worse, I immediately booked my insurance.

This was all I needed (or so I thought). After booking my bus to Heathrow in London, hotel for the evening, I had an email from British Airways. “Important information about your booking”. I wondered what it would be about. The body of the email read “We’re very sorry to let you know that the following flights on your booking have been cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused”. Oh, fantastic! Just what I needed. I that night managed to find new flights, £100 more and I needed to stop off at Oslo. After a little thought, I booked them. To hell with it. It’s not like a trip like this comes around every day is it?

Lots of constant research is now required in order to keep up with the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions. The UK eventually makes it’s way in to the Danish green list, and Denmark moves to the UK green list. This makes travelling a lot easier. I then receive my second COVID vaccination so the requirement to isolate has now been revoked. A day 2 test on my return and a passenger locator form is all that is now required.

One more hurdle, a fairly major one. Another email. My flight itinery arrives. They have changed the time of my flights. I now leave Heathrow for Oslo before I actually arrive to Heathrow from Cardiff on my bus. I also now have to leave Denmark on a flight at 06:40am. This isn’t exactly close to where I am staying. With this… an 8 hour wait in Oslo for my connecting flight (watch this space for a blog post whilst I am tired and irritable at that time).

Then an email from my hotel. They can no longer accommodate me as the hotel is closing for referbishment. Well this is handy! NOT! Rebook the bus, rebook hotel and here I am, the night before I travel to Cardiff to head down to Heathrow in London. Day 2 COVID test has arrived ready for when I get home. Vaccination certificate ready.

Here’s hoping for a smooth journey.


  1. We are looking forward to have you here Alex. It’s a bit crazy that you through the internet can get in contact with people all over the world. the funny / strange thing in all that is, some off the people we meet on our way, have a history that is much like our own, and we connect, and become friends. Ass I started, we are looking forward to have you here. //VikingStreaming

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