The days down south

Tuesday morning. Time to leave Kvorning and head down to Kruså to spend the next few days with Rooster Streaming. Of course I am sad to be leaving Viking Streaming and nervous about meeting new people. On the way down, a Burger King was a must. Didn’t want to arrive on an empty stomach. I… Continue reading The days down south

The adventures begin!

After a short flight from Oslo to Billund I was met with some glorious rain! After walking through the rain I was met by Viking Streaming (Thomas). We then started our journey to Thomas’ home. We did a stop on the way where I finally got to meet the man himself Rooster Streaming (Frank). The… Continue reading The adventures begin!

Journey to Europe!

So after a day and a half of travelling (with breaks of course) I have arrived in Denmark. The first leg of my trip was to get to the capital, Cardiff. I was lucky to have my mother drop me off there in time for my coach to Heathrow in London. After a quick McDonald’s… Continue reading Journey to Europe!

The Night Before!

Tonight is the night before. I am doing it. Taking a trip in to the unknown, alone. I feel both anxious and excited. I have never travelled alone before. The experience is going to be great right? It all started with a boozy night on Discord. Chatting away with fellow streamers. I have been following… Continue reading The Night Before!